Today, Wednesday & Friday I want to share with you my home. My husband & I purchased our home as a short sale in 2011 with the intention to do some fix ups & repairs. Our home today is a product of my blood, sweat & tears…literally. I say me because, while my hubby did help {minimal grunts & input such as ‘that costs too much’} I spent a lot of time looking online, in magazines, chatting with people & scouring stores to find reasonably priced items & contractors to do the work we needed done.

I have chosen to split my home pictures into 3 days because I want to ramble talk about what we did, why we did it & how we decided to save or spend on a project/item. So please relax, grab a drink & get ready to go on the Litsch home tour!


Entry We painted the exterior of our house. I wanted it to be grey…turned out blue. One of the only things we used an interior decorator for was to help with paint colors. I was afraid of what a small square of paint would look like in real life. My fears came true on the outside of the house {I LOVE all of our interior colors}. I would strongly recommend painting multiple sides of your home & leaving it for a week. Look at it every day in different lights & then commit to the color.

Front Entrance~

Foyer-before I am not even kidding you when I say I could have kicked these doors in without a problem. They looked like the belonged inside the home separating one room from another.


Foyer I am obsessed with our front doors. It took a lot of research but we ended up with amazing statement front doors that were the cheapest out of the 3 quotes we got {the other 2 options were fiberglass}. I learned early on with home projects not to settle if it doesn’t feel right. One quote was $11,000 for cheap looking doors…these doors were not even half of that amount & so much nicer!


Front-entrance1-before At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the bookcases. I got some bad advice to have them removed. Thank goodness I didn’t listen!



Front-entrance-after We painted the bookshelves the same color as the walls & I couldn’t love them more.

Dining Room~

Dining-Room-Before We got more bad advice that I followed which was take down all ugly fans & lighting immediately. We have lived in the house for 2.5 years & just recently put up a dining room chandelier! My advice is only take down what you are planning to put up right away. Otherwise live with the ugly until you have concrete plans to replace.


Dining Room2 Truth…we rarely use this room. This used to be our kitchen table but I decided to switch it up & use it in the dining room.

Master Bedroom~

Master-Bedroom-Before It took us over a year to get proper curtains. To make a long story short my husband shit a brick when he found out how much custom curtains can cost. I wanted good quality curtains in our bedroom & ended up finding some at Ethan Allen that were a stock item & I waited for a sale to purchase them. They were still more expensive than if you went to Bed, Bath & Beyond {see curtains from there in a guest room below} but I decided to splurge/save on our bedroom window treatments.


Master Bedroom2Can you tell I love the color grey ?! What you can’t see in the picture is the marital compromise. I wanted a chandelier instead of the Florida staple {a fan} so my hubby has a standing fan…

Master Bathroom~

Master-Bath-Before Who hangs a mirror on top of a mirror?! Look closely in the living room. I spray painted one of the mirrors & put it above the fire place!

Mast-Bath-2-before The previous homeowners put that disgusting wall paper border up with some sort of super glue. It was beyond a pain in the butt to remove…said the painter…


Master Bathroom1 A full bathroom gut & redo was not in our budget so we settled for painting & a major cleaning.

I never took before pictures of our two guest rooms off the kitchen but I wanted to show them to you because I love the color & decor.

Guest Rooms~

Bedroom1 This room is a perfect example of the way I like to save. The curtains+rod came from Bed, Bath & Beyond…I used a 20% off coupon for each item. The nightstands are Ikea & I changed the knobs. The lamps came as a set from Costco. The bedding came from West Elm during a sale & the dresser is also Ikea. The pictures are from the One of a Kind show in Toronto circa early 2000 {They used to be in my childhood bedroom}.

I also want to address the fan. It is a Florida thing that this Toronto girl was not originally on board for. I could see how they were a practical necessity here so I spent days looking for modern fans. This particular fan has a long story that can be shared another time…or never…

Bedroom2 Bed frame is from Ikea & assembled by my wonderful baby sister. The nightstands are from West Elm during another sale, the bedding is from Marshalls {blue pillows are West Elm}, & the lamps were purchased during a sale a ZGallerie.

OK. I think I have talked enough at you for one day! Tomorrow is my weekly food post & then Wednesday I am back to talking about the house!

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Going to the airport can be an exciting or stressful situation. Exciting, because you can be off to somewhere fabulous…say visiting family/friends in Toronto Canada or Europe for a friends wedding {yep this is happening!!!}. Or stressful aka traveling with your dog on Air Canada/West Jet…long story but airlines that allow pets tend to treat the people like 3rd class citizens, or worse…{& you pay extra to bring your pet in cabin, such BS}

So lets talk about what to wear. What is your airport style? I have read articles that say people who look put together are treated better & have a greater chance for free upgrades. Do you believe this? I am somewhat skeptical but choose to {usually} look more put together. On shorter flights I will wear jeans & possibly a wedge, but on a long flight, comfort wins {bring on the Lululemon!}. **Disclaimer** This does NOT mean homeless man chic, a style my husband constantly sports…

I looked online for a few different celebrity inspirations for airport style & came up with a list of some cute options for short & long travels.

airport-looks-1 I went for my favorite look first. Flats, baggy jeans, a scarf & a large bag to put all of your airplane necessities {water, snacks, gum, reading material, headphones, ipad etc} | Image via |

airport-look2 In my head this is exactly what I think I look like when I travel. Reality…not so much…I display much more stress on my face ~ |Image via |

airport-look3 Perfection. I love everything about this look. This would be a great choice for a longer flight. I would add a scarf that can double as a blanket!  | Image via |

airport-look4 Big fan of the hat. Great for post plane hair, but if you are traveling economy {as I doubt Cameron Diaz was} where is that hat going during flight ? | Image via |

airport-look7 Posh Spice. Perfect. | Image via |

Airport-look5 White is a very ballsy color to wear to an airport. Kristin Cavallari looks fab, but one wrong move & you have to live with that stain for hours…and hours… | Image via |

Airport-look6 I love this bag & the outfit but I cannot imagine traveling in it. Are those pants going to wrinkle as soon as she sits down? If the pants were a patterned denim this look would rank higher on my practical airport attire scale.| Image via |

My two fave looks are Lauren Conrad & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love the casual vibe, but you can easily move around in your seat to get comfortable…no loss of circulation from tight clothing…

Do you have a favorite airport look or any guidelines you like to follow for travel? If so I would love to hear them!

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A few weeks ago I was at Nordstrom & came across these cute woven bracelets. The vibrant colors & cute jewels won me over instantly! I ended up leaving with {1,2,3} woven bracelets. About a week later I was browsing the Forever 21 site for some budget friendly trendy items & I came across a very similar bracelet style for about 1/4 the price.

Woven-Bracelets| Left | Right |

What do you think? Does one jump out as a favorite?

The Nordstrom bracelet is actually labeled as a ‘friendship bracelet’. I Love friendship bracelets!! Compared to the last friendship bracelet I had my eye on {from Links of London}, this one is much better on the bank account!

I plan to wear these woven bracelets so much this summer that the cost per wear will be pennies & totally worth it.


As a Canadian living in Florida I am 100% obsessed with looking online & in magazines for home decor ideas {not into the palm trees & sea shells for anything other than a vacation home}.

I recently started following High Fashion Home on Facebook & have become completely obsessed with their french twist/old hollywood glam projects.

timthumbThis picture won me over instantly. I love everything about it. In my next home I will be hitting up Ballard Designs {they always have a sale going} to help recreate this look for less.

kitchenI currently have a black kitchen {as seen HERE}, my next kitchen will be light & airy like this one.

benchGrowing up my parents had a bench in the kitchen & I loved it. Very functional & practical. Ours was wooden. I love the fabric but would make sure that it’s machine washable. Nobody wants to dry clean that…

living-roomCurtains + chandelier + fire-place + dark floors are the 4 items that I am drawn to in this room.

masterWallpaper accent walls are a great way to incorporate wallpaper on a budget…& since my husband thinks Ikea is over priced…I am all about the budget friendly version!!!!

master-bathLove the accent wall behind the bathtub & the monster framed mirror over the vanity. I could see a frame like that being a DIY project…that would involve a exorbitant amount of blood, sweat & tears from myself.

closet-doorsLook at those closet doors. Perfection. Is that an Ikea rug I spot on the ground? Ha probably not but they carry a very similar version!

This house is very white…which is kind of scary. However with the right fabric choices {leather, machine washable etc.} a light colored home is very possible…& I want one. I will just start requiring my dogs to wear booties when they are outside in the yard…they will love it…& by love I do mean hate.

What do you think of this home decor? What is your style? I always appreciate any home decor incite & tips!

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| All images via |

Funny story about this orecchiette dinner. My BFF was in town last summer & made it a few times for me. I was hooked! Well, after she left I opened up a binder of recipes that I have collected from magazines & there was a picture of the same recipe! I was thrilled that I had the recipe! Fast forward to yesterday. I decide to make the orecchiette pasta with fresh tomatoes & mozzarella. I open my binder, pull out the picture with the ingredients & flip it over to discover I have no instructions to follow. So I winged it & let me tell you…it was delicious!!!


  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • pinch of dried red chili flakes
  • dash of paprika
  • 1/4 tsp garlic salt
  • 1 pint multicolored heirloom tomatoes {the recipe calls for cherry tomatoes but I couldn’t find them so I used regular size & chopped them up}
  • 1 package of orecchiette pasta
  • sliver of unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil, roughly torn
  • 1 ball of mozzarella cut into bite size
Fly by the seat of my pants Instructions:
  1.  Cook orecchiette pasta according to directions pasta2
  2. In a large saucepan heat on low the extra virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes, paprika, garlic & garlic salt for about 5 minutes
  3. Add the tomatoes & simmer for an additional 10 minutes pasta3
  4. In a separate bowl mix together the orecchiette with a sliver of butter. Add in the tomatoes, mozzarella, dash of garlic salt & the basil.
  5. Enjoy! pasta4

This is a great recipe to bring for a BBQ or when you are craving some comfort food {practically every day for me lately}. The ingredients are simple & taste yummy even when cooled down. I strongly recommend trying this one!

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Over the weekend we went to a friend’s wedding in Florida. The weather was perfect & it was a beautiful day!

This wedding officially kicked off wedding season for us {my hubby & I}. We are looking forward to celebrating 3 other couples getting hitched this year! We are officially at an age where marriage is a reality {we are no longer too young ~scary~} & I absolutely love celebrating & honoring all of our friends as they take the next step in their lives.

This brings me to the title of this post, wedding attire. I’m not the type of person that has a go to LBD or something specific I like to wear for a wedding. I prefer to find out where the venue is {indoors/outdoors},  see what the current trends are {I am contemplating a jumpsuit for one of the weddings} & when the wedding is taking place {April in Florida or August in Italy}.

This wedding was indoors in Florida. What does that mean? I wanted to wear a dress with long sleeves because 99% of all buildings in Florida are over air-conditioned!





wedding5| Dress: Wayf | Shoes: Nina (similar) | Clutch: Proenza Schouler | Necklace: Panacea| Rings: Bonnie Jonas, Forternal | Sunglasses: Prada |

Since I am in a serious floral obsession, the dress was love at first sight. The fact that it was a reasonable $60 solidified the deal for me. I want to bring attention to my shoes for a second. I wore these shoes in my cousins wedding 4+ years ago. I love having pieces in my closet that have sentimental meaning & feel extra special when I wear them!






casual-3| Necklace: J.Crew Factory | Sandals: J.Crew (similar) | Purse: Balenciaga | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Bracelets: Tory Burch, Vince Camuto, Stella & Dot |Ring: Gorjana |

When I brought the dress home & into my closet I realized how easy it is to change up the accessories to make it more casual. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect denim vest & will 100% be wearing it with this dress!!! Ps. Do you like my sparkly sandals? I purchased them last December from a J.Crew in Dallas…when the city practically shut down because of an ice storm. As I was paying for my $16 shoes {yep…major sale action} the cashier said something about having to wait to wear they shoes. I replied that I only had to wait to until my flight stopped being cancelled so I could return to Florida & wear them immediately #perkoflivinginflorida.

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Make sure to stop back tomorrow for my weekly recipe!



Even as an adult I take great enjoyment in crafting the perfect Easter basket for my husband, furbabies {& myself}. I like to mix some sweets with some practical & impractical items that can be enjoyed year round. Below is an example of what I’m dreaming about…which can easily be changed for men…allow me to explain below…Grown Up Easter Basket
| J.Crew : t shirt | Zara: Espadrilles | David Yurman: Earrings | Lip shine: Mark Jacobs | Easter Basket: Williams Sonoma | Easter Grass: Williams Sonoma | M&M’s Easter Peanut Bunny Mix | Easter Eggs: Godiva |
What do you think about my choices? I always like to throw out some expensive items on the off chance that my hubby agrees to it {rare}.
For my husband’s Easter basket I would roll up a mens shirt {he likes psycho bunny}, change out the lip shine for some other product like an exfoliating scrub {something he would never buy but then uses it & appreciates it when he gets dry skin}, put in some fun patterned dress socks, a magazine with a ticket for a year subscription & some white chocolate {his fave}.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We have a friends wedding on Saturday! I am over the moon about a fun, inexpensive, floral number I scooped up last week. Hopefully I’m not rushed & have time to take a few outfit photos!

Can one really ever own too many summer sandals…or shoes for that matter? The correct answer is NO !!! I have been on a shoe binge lately picking up these sandals, these sneakers & sneakily these wedges {don’t tell Jesse}.

Yesterday Recently, as I was browsing the Nordstrom website I came across the most beautiful cognac chunky heeled sandals. As I sat at the computer envisioning all of the outfits in my closet that could go with these beauties I glanced down at the price…$435. Because of the recent shoe binge that I mentioned above, there is no possible justification for me to say yes to these sandals right now…however…if they go on sale then that is an entirely different ballgame & I will have to reassess the situation at that time.

Not feeling satisfied, I did some online searching & found a pair from Sole Society that are similar but offer a fun, perforated twist.

save-splurge| Left: Sole Society | Right: Stuart Weitzman |

What do you think? Do you like one sandal over the other? Both pairs of sandals would look great with distressed denim, a midi skirt or a jumpsuit!

Speaking of saving or splurging, I stopped by Nordstrom Rack yesterday & made a very exciting purchase. I am a huge Rag and Bone bootie fan & love these. While at the Rack yesterday I came across a Vince Camuto pair that is practically identical! Sadly I cannot find a picture of them online so make sure to check out my Instagram today for a picture of them!

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With family in town my dinner post has taken a back seat this week. We have cooked some delicious meals that included: homemade pizza, stuffed peppers, yorkshire pudding {I will be making this again in the very near future} & a Sunday dinner with a roast {didn’t partake in the roast action}. Sadly I didn’t bring out the camera for any pictures so you will have to take my word on it!

This weeks dinner post is of a meal I plan to make in the future. As a vegetarian I am always on the hunt for different veggie recipes to enjoy & possible trick my veggie hater husband into eating !!

Drink: Citrus Moscato Sangria

Citrus-moscato-sangria I am a major sangria lover. As the temperature quickly heats up in Florida, a perfectly chilled sangria is a welcomed treat in the evenings/any time!!! We ate a Bonefish Grill last night & had the most delicious blackberry red sangria..seriously life changing! I am officially in sangria mode! | Image & recipe can be found on Laylita’s Recipes |

Salad: Cilantro-Lime Cucumber

IMG_2598-e1388999305378 I was sold as soon as I saw the name of this recipe. I love cucumbers, cilantro & lime. Great refreshing side to accompany the main dish. | Image & recipe can be found on The Food Carlatan |

Main Dish: Lentil Mushroom Burger

lentil_mushroom_burgers I have yet to meet a veggie burger I didn’t like. They are a great & easy source of protein. I am also a huge lentil fan & will be making this veggie burger asap. I will definitely be including some caramelized onions & roasted red peppers. This is kind of a weird fact but as soon as I became a vegetarian & started eating veggie burgers I no longer eat it with the bun. No idea why {bonafide carb lover} but I just don’t like it. So I will be making these with a lettuce wrap. | Image & recipe can be found on Oh My Veggies |

Dessert: Nutella Cheesecake Dip

nutella-cheesecake-dip8.. You’re welcome! I cannot wait to make this dip…later today. It only has 4 ingredients & is healthy ish…if you don’t think too hard about those 4 ingredients & you dip fruit in it instead of say a cookie or brownie… | Image & recipe from Cooking Classy |

If you make any of these recipes let me know what you think!

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The perfect jumpsuit is at the top on my spring/summer wish list. It’s one of the easiest ways to look put together with minimal effort…that’s a winning combo in my books! I found this cute floral jumpsuit number online & decide to create a weekend look.Jumpsuit Love
I could not decide between the two purses so I included both of them! If you use the envelope clutch this outfit could go for a summer night drinks on the patio. If you go with the bucket bag it would be great for a Saturday shopping trip when you need both hands to scoop up some fabulous deals! Which would you go for?
I recently purchased the white GAP denim jacket pictured above during a 40% off sale! It was meant to be because they had one tall size in the store & it was mine…done deal! I am a huge fan of Topshop & am thrilled that they have a tall girl line {hoping this jumpsuit is apart of it}! Finally, I purchased an army green version of the Stuart Weitzman shoes from Nordstrom Rack 2 years ago {For $125} & wear them non stop! Not only are they incredibly comfortable but they go with most of my closet & can be dressed up or down.
Here, here {wishful thinking} & here {dream} are a few other jumpsuit options I am loving.
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!